Coach Dan
April 21, 2014

On April 21, 2014, 38 year old Mebrahtom ‘Meb’ Keflezighi, a former New York City Marathon champion and 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist proved once again that the will to accomplish a given task can know no bounds. Meb became the oldest Boston marathon winner in 80 years and the first American to win it in three decades after vowing to do so after last year’s bombings.
Each corner of his race bib sported the names of Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu — all murdered in the dual Boylston Street bombings last year — as was the name of Sean Collier, the MIT campus police officer gunned down days later in his cruiser. It was the thought of those four people that lead him to dedicate this year’s race in their honor.
If you would have asked the experts...

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NeuroLinguistic Programming Anchoring Techniques

Dr. Daniel L. Cox
April 1, 2014

Anchoring techniques are easy to learn and can be adapted to all kinds of circumstances.

Basic NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) Anchoring

  1. Select a feeling that you would like to have in a particular situation. In football, depending on your position it can be many different things. An offensive lineman might remember back to the perfect block that opened a whole that was big enough for your grandmother to hobble through for a touchdown. A defensive lineman might remember back to the exceptional quarterback sack or tackle behind the line for a safety. Defensive backs may recall the interception run back for the game winning touchdown...
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Dr. Daniel L. Cox
March 31, 2014

The little, green, Jedi guru (no, not Kermit the Frog) Yoda is full of sage wisdom. His quotations through the first six Star Wars Movies, several animated television series and numerous books while guiding young Luke and Anakin Skywalker have a direct tie to Sports Psychology training. The term “Jedi Mind Tricks” is often associated with NeuroLinguistic Programing and hypnosis, two tools I use in mental training. The most important advice Yoda gives Luke is advice that every athlete should take to heart. “Do or do not… there is no try.” When we say we are going to ‘try’ to do something, we are setting ourselves up for failure. To try is to say we do not know if we can accomplish the task. It falls into an area known as negative self-talk...

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Dr. Daniel L. Cox
March 31, 2014

Football is not a game of perfect … It is a game of playing every play to the best of your ability. If each player on this year’s Las Vegas Showgirlz team gives everything they have on each and every play, there is no team they face that they cannot beat. Yes, they play some tough teams, past National Champions and teams that have gone deep in the play-offs. But the thing is, going into the 2014 season, their is only one team that can beat the Showgirlz this year… and that is the Showgirlz. Players have three key components that make up their football psyche, their physical capability, their game IQ or intellect and their mental ability.

2014--03-01_vs_Washington_Reign_0246 - CopyPhysically, the Showgirlz on paper, player by player, have one of the strongest teams to play the game...

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Dr. Daniel L. Cox
LV Showgirlz Sports Psychology Coach
March 13, 2014

The following picture, taken during the Las Vegas Showgirlz vs the Utah Jynx was part of the series of pictures titled “#14 Brittany Henderson Run Ending in Penalty” with the description “Brittany Henderson (#14) Had a Great run, but unfortunately she fumbled at the end of the run. Luckily the play was called back by a penalty.”

#14 Brittany Henderson

#14 Brittany Henderson

The picture elicited a heated Facebook response from Brittany Henderson “Lmao! I was down and got smacked on the ground fool. See the black girl on the ground I shook her fool.” The picture above is inconclusive. It shows Brittany on the ground and it shows the ball loose in the air.

In her mind, Brittany completed the run, making some great moves along the w...

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Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Do Not Stick

New Year’s Resolutions… Most of us make them and nearly as many of us fail to keep them. It is important to know that there are ways that you can increase your chances at succeeding. According to Time Magazine, there are a few reasons why most resolutions don’t stick.

NewYearsResolution_0011. Most resolutions are abstract.

“I’m going to eat better.”

“I’m going to lose weight.”

“I’m going to write a novel.”

For resolutions to work, they must be more specific, rather than abstract generalizations. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight,” it is more effective to say “I am going to lose one pound a month.” The old KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Silly) is at work here. By keeping it simple, we make it easier for our unconscious mind to manage our mental mindsets.


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In Memory of Aleda Christine Michels February 15, 1950 – June 16, 2013


One of our many Dream Vacations. Trans-Atlantic cruise, Rome, Athens and the ruins of the Ancients.

To those of you who have been following Managing Mental Mindsets, I apologize for my disappearance the last month and a half.  I really found out that there are some things that happen in life that go beyond our ability to easily mange our mindsets. In the next few days I will be adding a post that will provide a detailed explanation of what I have been going through.

Early on Monday morning, May 27th, my wife Aleda fell in our motel room in Salt Lake City, Utah shattering her right shoulder. After seeing several doctors, surgery to replace her shoulder joint was scheduled for the following Monday. Thursday night, her Type II Diabetes had a serious crash. I took her to the hospital...

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As I have been telling the members of the Las Vegas Showgirlz women’s tackle football team, a great way to manage mental mindsets is to develop a self-hypnosis/meditation routine. I have been asked many times, “What is the difference between Meditation and Self-Hypnosis?” The simplest answer is “The spelling!” In their basest terms, self-hypnosis is just another form of meditation. They both are ways for people to achieve a peaceful inner state. The real difference, if you want to get technical, is that with meditation, a person is seen as concentrating on the words, while with self-hypnosis, a person is concentrating on the space between the words.

I say that because in most cases, a meditation is based on a symbolic repetition of a word or phrase...

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LV Showgirlz Head West to Face SD Surge

Las Vegas Showgirlz

After two impressive wins in a row, the LV Showgirlz (full contact tackle) football team have finally shown they understand what teamwork is all about. They have seen how trusting their fellow players can work to produce points and stop opponent’s drives. Early in the year, players did not trust those around them to consistently do their jobs. This meant that many players were trying to perform another player’s jobs, while doing so meant they could not adequately do their own jobs. Early on, the defense would do great for a play or two, forcing 3rd or 4th down and long, only to give up 1st downs or touchdowns. That is no longer the case. Now they continue to pressure the opponent’s offense on 3rd and 4th down. Instead of giving up tremendous yards on 3rd and long, they are now picki...

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David had confidence in himself that he could defeat Goliath, while Goliath was arrogant in his feelings of defeating David

Having self-confidence is a wonderful mindset and a positive quality to have when successfully navigating the often unpaved streets we call life. A strong feeling of self-confidence can be a wonderful asset in a person’s career. It often allows a person to get past any fears and doubts they may experience and can allow a person to take control of their life, while influence the decisions they are making. When one has confidence, they have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. It can make it is easy to be around. Often, a confident person is seen as dependable and it is viewed as an admirable trait...

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